Hair Transplant Costs

Hair Transplant Costs

FUT (Strip) Procedure

Standard size: less than 2,300 grafts

800 and below: $8,000

850-1,000:  $8,600

1,100-1,250:  $9,000

1,300-1,500:  $9,550

1,600-1,850:  $10,500

2,000-2,250:  $11,500

FUT (Strip) Procedure

Mega session: greater than 2,300 grafts

2,300-2,450:  $13,250

2,500-2,700:  $14,000

2,800-3000:  $14,750

3,100-3,300:  $15,500

3,400-3,600:  $16,000

3.700-3,900:  $16,750

4,000-4,300:  $17,000

4,500-4,900:  $17,750

5,000 and over:  $18,000

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

$8 to $10 per graft


There is a nonrefundable deposit of $2,500 for all patients who wish to schedule a procedure and secure a date. The balance for the procedure is due on or before the procedure day. Please call our office at (954) 532-3139 for additional payment details.

Additional Costs

Blood work is required for all patients. This blood work may be performed by your own primary physician or the lab testing site of your choice. Powell Medical Hair Transplant Center does not profit from blood work performed.

Fee Schedule Explained

Powell Medical Hair Transplant Center uses a large team of technicians per procedure, which allows us to perform larger sessions efficiently and move greater numbers of grafts in one sitting with high-quality results. Our technicians are employed only by us and receive their training in-house. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced. We screen and thoroughly train all technicians before they ever participate in patient care. FUT procedures are charged based on the session size factoring in the time spent and the number of technicians required for the procedure size.

We prefer to have more staff on hand per session because this allows for the best quality results. A leading cause of poor results is fatigued staff, and we avoid staff fatigue by using a large team of technicians for every procedure.

In addition to discussing all aspects of hair transplantation for your specific hair restoration goals, Dr. Powell will help you determine the proper procedure and size of the session.

No one else in the world other than the Powell Medical Hair Transplant Center team wants better results than you!

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