How to Select a Hair Transplant Clinic

It can be difficult to find the best hair transplant clinic in 2019. A Google search for “hair-transplant doctors in my area”, returns many seemingly qualified doctors. All of them claim to be pioneers, with unrivaled credentials, and happy patients. How do you determine who is truly the best and who is just trying to make a quick buck by using slick marketing strategies? There are many things that you need to be aware of as a patient researching. These elements will help you focus and block out all the noise so you can find the right clinic for your needs.

Results, Results, Results

A hair transplant surgeon only needs one “credential”, and that is not an Ivy League medical degree. It is the “before and after” results. You must be focused on the results as a patient researching. Don’t let your attention wander to fancy “technology”, slick online marketing tricks, celebrity endorsements or vague testimonials. The “results section” should be the first thing that you click upon when you arrive at a doctor’s site. The results section should be prominently displayed. In fact, the doctor should display a few results on his homepage. There should be dozens, perhaps hundreds of images showing before and after. These images should be high-definition and show a range of cases on a diverse set of patients. Another thing to look out for is a strong video result section. Although “HD” photos are wonderful, detailed and thorough video results will be the best way to show a hair transplant result. You should not be surprised if the doctor’s website only shows a few examples of “before and after”, if there are unclear or difficult-to-understand photographs, and if images taken by device companies (meaning that they were done by another doctor), then you should be worried. Don’t let other distractions distract you. This doctor doesn’t have the appropriate “credentials”.

Web Presence

A professional website with a strong “before and after” results gallery is essential, but it shouldn’t be the only place where the doctor is featured. The best hair transplant doctors will interact with patients and share their work on many different websites. Doctors who share, interact, and are featured on other websites online show how invested they are in this field. Doctors who are passionate about hair transplants will be featured on other websites. Doctors who proudly display their work for critique on websites like and and interact on “chat forums” like the Hair Loss Help forum and the Hair Transplant Web forum ( are doctors you likely want to consider for your procedure. Third-party websites will not be recommended for doctors who are unable to stand this scrutiny. You might want to reconsider your decision if a doctor is not listed on these websites.


Although you can learn a lot about a doctor online and meet them in person, it is still important to see the actual doctor who will be performing your surgery. You should be careful when meeting with potential doctors. Although it may seem obvious, you must ensure that you have a consultation with the actual doctor and not a commission-based salesman. It is important that you only allow the doctor who will perform the procedure to examine your scalp and give an official recommendation. Next, take a look around the clinic. Do you see a single, large clinic for hair transplants? Is it busy? Are there many staff members? Or, better yet, does hair transplant surgery take place? If there is, would the doctor allow you to take a look (with permission from the patient)? Pay attention to the doctor and his/her personality. Is the doctor focused on hair transplant surgery, or is he/she distracted by other procedures at the office? Do you feel any evasiveness or clarity in the doctor’s answers? Is the doctor able to give you more examples of patients? You might want to reconsider a possible surgery with this doctor if the “vibe” or doctor feel “off”.

It can be difficult to find the right clinic to do your hair-transplant. However, following the advice above will help you navigate the maze and locate the right doctor to complete your procedure.