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There are Different Types of Hair Transplant Clinics. Which One are You Going to?

Did you know there are two distinct types of hair transplant clinics operating today? One follows a “golden age” model and distinguishes itself as a true institution of hair transplant excellence. The other follows a “new age” model, and cannot offer patients the same resources as a golden age clinic.

So what is the difference between the two? Which type is performing your surgery? And, most importantly, which type of clinic do you want performing your surgery? 

What is a “Golden Age” Clinic? 

This type of clinic refers to a model that flourished in the “golden age” of hair transplantation. This was an age when ethical hair transplant megasessions via the FUT technique and the highest-quality, microscopically dissected follicular unit grafts made the field what it is today. Clinics went to great lengths to hire, train, and maintain large staffs and built well-equipped hair transplant centers. This model produced the best hair transplant results the world has ever seen. Big procedures were performed — in a safe and ethical manner — like clockwork

Characteristics of a “Golden Age” Clinic:

  • Large, well-equipped facility 
  • Large, highly-trained staff of “super technicians” 
  • Reputation for performing hair transplant megasessions via the FUT technique 
  • Many examples of excellent hair transplant “before and after” picture and video results 
  • History (measured in years) of hair transplant excellence from the golden age institute
  • Mastery of both the FUT and FUE technique 

What is a “New Age” Clinic?

This type of clinic refers to a model that only popped up with the advent of hair transplant “machines” and “robots.” These devices were marketed towards doctors who wanted to enter the hair transplant field, but did not want to sacrifice the time, effort, and resources it takes to build a “golden age” clinic. The idea is that these machines remove the need for experience, staff, facility, and technique, and instead standardize the art of hair transplant surgery. This option was attractive to many who wanted to “add” hair transplant to their cosmetic surgery practices or those who wanted to give hair transplantation “a try” without investing too much. And, as expected, the patients and their results suffer. This model has shockingly lowered the quality of hair transplantation today, and we’re actually seeing less consistency and less impressive transformations with this expansion in so-called “advanced” technology.

Characteristics of a “New Age” Clinic:

  • Small space dedicated to hair transplantation in their clinic; may only be a single room opposed to an entire office for hair transplant only 
  • Little to no trained staff; staff may be “brought in” for your hair transplant 
  • Clinic may offer a variety of cosmetic services or primarily focus their practice on another area of medicine/surgery 
  • Clinic may overcompensate for a lack of staff by claiming that it’s unnecessary because of their machine or unproven devices like “implanter pens” (they may even claim this is BETTER) 
  • Little to no stand-alone hair transplant experience and very few clear results to show 
  • Usually only perform the FUE procedure (even if they claim they have a history of performing FUT) 

Which Clinic do YOU Want Performing YOUR Surgery? 

We are proud members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and firmly believe in their bylaw that states no hair restoration physician shall malign or speak ill of another online. We agree with this, and never discuss specific doctors. But what we will do is openly discuss techniques and models. In our experience, patients are best served by seeing a golden age clinic. This model offers patients the most options, the most resources, and most experience, and the best chance at a successful hair transplant.

Remember, you only have one donor area with a finite number of grafts. Please use them wisely!

For a more thorough discussion of the different types of hair transplant clinics, please see the video below:

Dr. Blake Bloxham and Dr. Alan Feller 

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